Top 5 challenges of Indian Economy

New into the workforce, I am looking for a job in the field of the business analyst. Yesterday I went for an interview in a start-up (Just a newbie like me). I was amazed by the interview process. I appeared for online test, fairly passed out. I was given to write an essay on the […]


“ once in life, take that knife. To cut the bond that bounds you” Namaste !!! , Hola!!! A cheerful day ahead. All I want is a Peaceful world to stay. I have almost inherited the earth for 25 yrs. I feel I am still a stranger to this world. Living in a limited space […]

About Me

Hello, I am Neha from India. I live in Mumbai, the Bollywood city. I am happy that after a long wait I started ‘Free Soul’. Free Soul is all about presenting my ideas, thought in raw form. when I say raw form it meant as it is. I wonder, in such a well calculative, speculative […]